Front panel preparation

Preparation of the 19” front panel

Estimated building time: 4,0 hours.

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Pin wiring options

There are various options to install the cabling between the frontpanel and the circuit boards:

If you do not want to make the panel detachable, just solder the wires to the Wago pins and isolate them with shrink tube. This option is not recommendable as you lose all flexibility with further expansions and/or trouble shooting.

 A much better alternative is to make use of 1 mm solder lugs, after soldering the wires also isolate them with a short piece of shrink tube.

Solder Lug

If you want a really professional solution and you own a Molex or compatible crimper, definitely go for crimp contacts, that is the best, fastest and easiest solution. These crimp connectors are therefore included in the BOM.

Well done

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