Assembling & adjustment


This part of the DIY vocoder building guide provides advice how to successful assemble all different parts together into one functional device.

In this chapter the following parts will be addressed:

19” rack housing cutouts
Power connection
3D printed parts assembling
Front panel preparation
Internal wiring
Final assembling


This next part part of the DIY vocoder building guide describes all necessary steps and required tools to adjust the vocoder for maximum use and pleasure.

In this chapter the following parts will be addressed:

Power supply checks
Input/output module adjustment
Band filter tuning & adjustment
Sibilance expansion adjustment

Important warning

A limited number of components will be connected to the mains voltage and can be dangerous if used incorrectly. It cannot be stressed enough to disconnect equipment before and servicing. Depending on local regulations, use approved connectors, wiring and insulation for the mains voltage connection.

If you are unsure do not continu and contact a professional for assistance.


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